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Strategic Data Governance
Unlocking the value of data while embedding governance.

Poor data quality is one of the common causes of frustration, friction, delays of business transformation. One of the key ways to remove problems with data quality is by having up-to-date data governance policies and practices. This course adopts a proactive approach to Data Governance to enable modernisation and facilitate user-centric initiatives.


Are you looking to enhance your understanding of data governance and how it can achieve the strategic goals in your government agency.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from two experienced Industry Enterprise Information Architects who are experts in implementing data governance.

Why Attend

  • Gain Insights: Discover the latest strategies and tools for governing data throughout the lifecycle.

  • Expert Speakers: Hear directly from seasoned Enterprise Information Architects who have hands-on experience over the last decade with Global Information Management initiatives.

  • Practical Knowledge: Learn actionable techniques to streamline your information management processes and unlock the value of your data.

  • Information Ownership: Understand what your responsibilities are in managing information assets and the benefits of better information management.

Key Topics Include

  • Introduction to Strategic Data Governance: How to embed a culture where data is managed and used to its fullest extent.

  • Understanding the Key Elements of a 'Good' Data Governance Policy: How to align it with Strategic Business Objectives.

  • Establish a Fit-for-Purpose Data Governance Framework: How to align to Business and ICT Operational Models in the Public Sector.

  • Tailor a Strategic Data Governance Maturity Model: To enable a capability based improvement approach across people, process, information and technology to reach a potential future state.

  • Develop a 90-Day Action Plan: To improve Data Governance in your Government Department or Council.

  • Put into practice: The Information learned on the course and take away Strategic Data Governance templates for future work.

Who Should Attend

Directors, Heads of, Managers, Project Managers, Lead Advisors:

  • Data Governance

  • Information Management

  • Data Management


Strategic Data Governance is key in the development of an AI and Data Strategy as found in the published book.

Strategic Data Governance Series

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Nigel Schmalkuche

Lead Trainer

Ven Gadam

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Strategic Architects has experts in Data Governance and aligning it to Strategic Outcomes. Strategic Architects provide training across the globe on data governance and ensure participants have the ability to promote responsible AI. Strategic Architects implement data governance in consultancies and apply this experience in training.

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